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Release: KinemeCore, v0.5.1

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.5.1
Release Notes

KinemeCore 0.5 is a massive reorganization of KinemeCore. Improvements were made with stability, performance, memory usage, and Snow Leopard compatibility. Several new features were added as well.

New Features

  • Extra Editor -- Ever wish you could have more than 1 editor per composition? Now you can with KinemeCore's Extra Editor, making macro editing a breeze.

  • Compositions in The Cloud -- You can now automatically download the compositions uploaded to kineme.net through KinemeCore, and you can embed them in your compositions as virtual macros. (compositions are downloaded to ~/Library/Application Support/KinemeCore/Repository/)

  • PlugIn Installation Assistant -- Does it go in Quartz Composer Patches or Quartz Composer Plug-Ins? The KinemeCore PlugIn Installation Assistant knows the answer, and will install the plugin to the correct location by simply double clicking the plugin in Finder. Farewell, incorrectly installed plugins.

  • The new PlugIn Manager panel can inspect your plugins for obsolete, incorrectly installed, or duplicate plugins. It can also try to fix these problems with a single click.

  • Linear Noodles -- declutter your compositions with Linear Noodles, and enjoy a slightly more responsive editor too. Or just go for a different look to impress your friends.

  • Universal Safe Mode -- Instead of maintaining dozens of safe-mode workaround plugins, we've given KinemeCore the ability to bypass safe mode checks for all* unsafe patches on a per-application basis. The perfect balance of flexibility and security. (* Note that this only works for unofficial-api plugins; we're working on a reliable way to get this working with official-api plugins as well. If you're interested in this feature, please let us know!)

  • "QTZInfo inside" -- Our Spotlight importer(QTZInfo) is now bundled with KinemeCore, and can be enabled with the click of a mouse. QTZInfo inspects every note, patch, and port of your composition to help you find it via Spotlight.

  • The Editor Status panel lets you inspect QC's current memory usage and thread count (to help spot leaks and runaway threads before it's too late), and also indicates if QC is running in 32 or 64 bit mode. It's also equipped to show you if the QC Editor has Automatic Garbage Collection enabled -- it isn't now, but it could be someday in the future.

  • Experimental Macro Patch Transmutation -- modify your macros without breaking noodles.

fixes in 0.5.1

  • fixed issue with Curved noodles in 10.6
  • fixed issue with Spotlight metadata extraction
  • fixed issue with Installing plugins from read-only mediums
  • fixed shrinking window issue on 10.6
  • fixed some behind the scenes configuration/registration

Sorry about that :/

KinemeCore-0.5.1b Installer.pkg_.zip941.75 KB

Installation Instructions

Place the plugin file in
/Users/[you]/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/
(Create the folder if it doesn't already exist.)