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Release: Structure Maker, v20080206

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080206
Release Notes

This beta cleans up the User Interface a bit, and adds support for Skipping unplugged inputs.

If possible, could someone test this on Tiger and see if it functions as expected? If so, it's probably ready for an initial public release.

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Structure entrelacing

It would be cool to have a "structure entrelacer patch". For exemple, if we take red, green and blue structure output from the image histogram patch, the "structure entrelacer patch" could entrelace the 3 (256 values structure) in a one 256 xyz values that we can plug in a Kineme GL point or line structure. (This 2 Kineme GL patches need "special high speed solution input" to display their power !...:)

Or perhaps there is already a way to do this (without a slow javascript procedure)....


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sounds useful

this would make a useful addition to the structure stuff -- I'll keep this in mind while hacking on the other structure features as well. can you think of any other uses? this one case seems .... a bit special-case

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not so special. I would be very interested in that feature too ;)

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Once the actual spread version is made (each input is just for that parameter), this functionality would be automatic, and thus this patch would be obsolete... not a huge sink in development time though, I suppose. (and, you can play with it long before the spreads version comes into existence, at this rate ;)

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other uses :)

1>>>>Buiding 3d structures on on the fly by sampling space navigator, wacom tablet (x,y,pressure), wiimote....

2>>>Buiding 3d structures from midi notes (note,velocity,pitch)

3>>>building 2D,3D structures from RSS (Statistic charts)


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sounds intriguing, yanomano...


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cwright isn't an artist

I wish I had vision for these kinds of things, so I wouldn't ask such stupid questions :) I guess that's what I get for not being an artist...

you win this round, yanomano :)

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Nothing is stupid !

your questions are never stupid christopher ! your questions are just invitation to reflexion !...:) You are a left brain artist !

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yes please. also similar in structure processor thread.

structure from streams mangles a structure of x coords (ie from queue node or similar), a structure of y coords, etc into a structure of x,y,z,x,y,z. yes, i'm thinking gltools here. as a general statement, maybe it is time to implement single dimension c-arrays as a data type that can be passed between kineme structure tools and kineme gl tools? we could call the data type 'stream', and i think it would really clarify whats going on when we're trying to patch this kind of world together. structures are for structured information, streams are for streams of the same data type, typically coordinates.

...and we probably shouldn't call them spreads, as a) streams is more accurate for our purposes here, and b) the might of spreads lies more with the concept of vvvv nodes being spreadable by design (ie they iterate themselves correctly and efficiently) rather than just having the plain data-type.

By tobyspark@drupal.org at 2008-04-24 13:36 reply just to clarify coordinates as streams would be a single dimension plain c array (ie as fast as a computer can go), with the x,y,z coordinate information encoded as... x,y,z,x,y,z,...,x,y,z. or r,g,b,a...r,g,b,a or etc.

(grrr. how do you quote? cite doesn't seem to do it)

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++ to a 'add sibling' structure patch

adds a member to an existing structure. ie. the boinx one.

its been mentioned before, but right now i could do with it =]

btw the site is getting confusing... feature requests and functionality are blended with bug reports over loads of threads. whats the original thread for structure maker? http://kineme.net/FeatureRequests/StructureTools and http://kineme.net/FeatureRequests/StructureProcessor has a review of structure functionality

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oh, and...

its not just like the boinx one, as would need to add to an array structure as well as a dictionary structure. sorry, indexed / keyed.

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Structure Optimization

I'am Working on a plugin with a lot of parameters. Because of iterators limitations, I'am rebuiding one of them with the "Be courageous no iterator " method. This method need structure assembling to pass values to all macro patches instances (because of spaghetti overdose) I've build a structure of 50 parameters with a JS patch, but it seems there are big CPU load with 4 or 5 animated values in the structure. My first question is : With javascript it seems there is 2 methods to build a structure...What is best suited ? var=new Object() in the output with all the member inside or: a new Object() for each member and a new Array() with all objects in the output.

I have a second question : In another plugin I've buided a structure with kineme structure patches then rebuild it with javascript (because of the beta statut of kineme structures patches)...it seems that the structure is much more optimized (in term of speed) with the Kineme patches.... Are you expected to release Kineme structure patches very soon ?



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I'm not sure which method is better in JS.. I'd guess arrays are, but JS is so slow that both options aren't very good, really.

Our structure stuff isn't likely to get the proper attention for a solid release any time soon, but you can count on it being much faster. I don't think there are any plans to change the plugin's interface to the Index/Named Structure Makers though, so feel free to use those. Are you needing to distribute it with something? If so, just e-mail me and we can work out the details.

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