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Release: WiiMote Control, v20080102

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20080102
Release Notes

Enhanced IR Support and some bugfixes.

Instead of just one (mostly useless) IR Output, there are now 4 (additional) X/Y/S triplets for each of the tracked IR points. It's important to note the S (not Z!) -- it's the IR point's size. Bigger typically means closer :)

The WiiMote is only capable of tracking 4 IR Points, so please don't ask for more points; As Pierre would say, "It's Not Possible" :)

The output pitch/roll angles are now 0-360.

The patch no longer disconnects when switching from fullscreen to windowed modes.

There is now a disconnect input on the patch, to attempt to reconnect if it's acting strangely.

Creating a patch no longer prevents you from creating more wiimote patches.

Maybe some minor stability improvements. Nothing noteworthy though.

I'm thinking that for the next beta, I'll maybe include multiple patches: * WiiMote + Motion Sensor (no IR) * WiiMote + Motion + IR * WiiMote + IR * WiiMote + Motion + Nunchuk * WiiMote + Motion + IR + Nunchuk * WiiMote + IR + Nunchuk * variations on the above, with the classic controller.


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franz's picture

thanks for this new beta. Nunchuck support would be a must ! (didn't you already code it for a tiger beta ? i guess so) Outputting the IR points data as a structure would allow to clean up the patch a little bit. Personnaly, i wouln't go the multiple patch way, as it would needlessly complicate things.

cwright's picture
Yep @ nunchuk

Yeah, I already coded the nunchuk stuff in the Tiger version, I just haven't tested it in Leopard, and figured I might try some different patches.

To simplify the multi-patch stuff, would it be less complicated if I didn't have as many options (for example, motion sensor is always enabled, ir is always enabled)?

I'll try to 'structureize' the IR output for the next beta, good idea.

franz's picture
a la "keyboard" style

maybe all the different options could be invoked within the inspector. (this would mimic the multiplexer variable inputs, or the way you can add keys with the keyboard patch... -read: maybe apple already published some methods with the sdk to do this ?)

cwright's picture

Great idea; I think I'll do the inspector panel idea, that's much simpler. I guess I'm usually so against Inspector panels that I didn't consider them before :) Thanks!

DanieleCiabba's picture

Now the patch is much more stable but I can't use the ir point value... somebody have the same problem?

cwright's picture
IR's tricky

I spent a long time last night finding IR sources around the apartment; Stoves and Ovens don't seem to work, most lights don't work (we've mostly got CFLs, so that's expected). IR LEDs and bright, hot incandescent lights are probably your best bet. Or, use the Sensor Bar :)

yanomano's picture

Can't wait to play with you with a wiii...:) What do I need ? a bluetooth card in my G5 ?


cwright's picture
yep, bluetooth required

you'll need a bluetooth card or a bluetooth usb dongle (do those even exist for Mac's? I would think so but I have no idea).

It's still pretty unstable, so don't get too excited just yet (and tomorrow's beta will be pretty rad ;)

yanomano's picture
Good advice ;)

Ok I will wait. Try not to scatter myself ...:)


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