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3D stereoscopy

Hi! would be greate to have a macro patch that envolves 2 view points to recreate a 3D stereoscopy view. I have seen there is more than one technique. I have read that by using polizered glasses we need polizered projections as well.

I leave some links I have found on the net. http://area.autodesk.com/images/tips/the%20area/080911_2145/stereoscopy_... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereopsis http://www.3dstereo.com/viewmaster/glp.html


3D Transformation Renderer with Scale

I just realised the 3D transform is really a 3D Translate patch. Well maybe Rotate is a transformation, my maths is rusty but where is the Scale factor or better still Scale X,Y,Z inputs. Could a scale inclusive 3D Transform patch be implemented for convenience of not having to multiply tons of individual inputs by scale factor inside a the transform patch?

I realise Kineme3D has scale, bend and every thing else for structured objects but I'm wondering for stock patches inside standard 3D Transform type environment.

Hoping nobody says "You can already do this easily by {a,b,c}..." ...(ouch in advance).

Auto Index patch

A green Patch : When it is created it count how many instances of himself exist in the composition (or in a host that run compositions) and then it product a new index +1.

Wanted Green Iterator

Has the same functionnality that the Red Iterator. But You can't put red patches in it (no sprite, bilboard or 3D geometry patch indide) So you can compute iterated maths then dispatch its thru your composition or plug the structure in a Red Iterator.

The green iterator output a structure of the published port X (multiplied) by Iteration (index). It work as a couple with the original "iterator variable" patch.

I know nothing about snow Leopard And QC but it seems already that in safari 4 javascript are runned very fast... And about "Quartz composer snow" and javascript speed...any news ?

2 windows editor for 1 patch...

2 windows editor for 1 patch...

System events

for interact (output) with system events like mouse and keyboard...

KinemeCore (v0.3 I think)

I am having window weirdness with KinemeCore.

  1. Menu item for Editor Window "Non-Floating editor window" does not toggle to "Floating Editor window" no matter how many times I use it.

  2. No option for Transparent Editor Background (thought I'd seen a screen-shot of that) and did someone mention 'alpha' setting.

  3. With three Editor windows open, I can't get all them to non-floating. Selecting the "Non-Floating editor window" item toggles b/w one floating and the other two floating. They are sitting there on top of my system prefs window when system prefs is the active application & focused window from what I can tell. Same for other apps too. These are the most bothering issues.

  4. Cmd-Tilde key not cycling windows properly/at all.

  5. One File became unclose-able. Had to Force quit QC.

Dual G5 GeForce FX 5200 10.5.6


Well, let's start this great feature project. It's about creating a new option or application, to export directly your comps in a suitable, executable and fully "stand alone" application ! For many of us this could be simply: a dream !

1) This could be: - A new option for Quartz Composer itself, provided with a new version of KinemeCore Plugin. - A new option include in QuartzCrystal as an Export option (so it could be paid a few for this great feature). - A new Kineme's application made for such a specific function (with more option about Plugins integration, embeded medias, etc).

2) This could have: - Two preset option: - One simple full screen (you have no option available for your app, or they must be set in the comp itself with your own menu). - One adjustable application with a simple menu bar (Quit, play, stop, preferences...). Preferences could report input and output settings, editable numerical and boolean options as in your root patch...

  • The adjustable application could also includea a file browser in the preference settings, for loading what you want: Structures files, medias, 3D models (maybe several). This feature could be linked directly in every kind of published loaders in your comp (in the root patch). It's just a simple way to link a path to your composition. It could be great that the application keep your last choice in memory at startup (settings, paths...).

  • If the composition use loaders and savers patchs, it could be great to keep those files into the package of the application. This way, people could make their own menu and option. Maybe it could be done with "Kineme Document Info" to keep the right path...

  • The application should include your needed medias (automatically or manually) and integrate Official and non official Plugins. This app need to be compatible with all Mac and configuration (with restricted area like Tiger or Leopard only if this a difficult tricks). For Official or non official payable/not free Plugins (as Kineme 3D for exemple) the application could check in the user library if there is or not the legal Plugins. For the others it could be really really great to include them with the application or to generate an installation option for the application.

What do you think of that ?

QuartzCrystal - TIFF export

Just wondering, it would be useful to have some TIFF sequence export with Alpha in QuartzCrystal. BTW, amazing useful tool!

Procedural 3D Mesh Creation

Would love the ability to dynamically create 3d objects