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KnM Audio Tools/ volume peak option in Audio input patch

Hi a nice addition to the already awesome Audio Tools would be a "Volume Peak" option for all channels independently. First it would nicely mimic the original apple patch (esp. if you rename Waveform to Spectrum, but that's another story ;), plus this would spare me a 32 channels addition macro (and a bunch of useless nodes, or even worst ... a javascript ) Volume peak is extremely useful to me ... esp. when working with piezo sensors. thanks anyway for this great release.

(note that this is not really a proper request, more of a feature / plugin design discussion, but with the new wiki system i don't really know where to put this.)

KNM. GL Polygon Mode / Square mode

Hi, it would be really handy if the Kineme GL Polygon mode had a "Square dots" mode extra - a nice addition to the already present rounded dots mode. "Textured squares" would be overkill. thankss

Safe OSC Send/Receiver

Hello kineme users

First thank for all the hard work, i love the kineme patches. That is great,i play .qtz files in Modul8, and i use the "Official API Subpatch Support (obj/off Models Support)", "Safe Audio Input", and the "Safe MIDI" Hack.

Can you make a safe OSC send/receiver in the future? That lasts very helpfully to control file pathes and all other from MaxMSP or Modul8.

I require a beautiful day

Directory Scanner


is there any way to read all fonts name in qc? I want to make a compositions with image with string, where user can browse system fonts and choose realtime for rendering.

I think if i can browse the Library/Fonts directory with a directory scanner path, i can do a list, but at the moment, dir. scanner patch reads only movie, qtz and pic files.

So, is there any way to read all files in a directory in a quartz compositions?



Dijonctor Patch

All of us have experienced Quartz composer crashes when designing patches (because of a bad feedback loop, or something that overkill the GPU) In this case the frame rate decrease to 0 FPS and it is impossible to stop the composition because nothing is responding....:(

If we have a "dijonctor patch" (perhaps a hack of the FPS patch) that can stop the composition( at root level ) when the frame rate is lower than a certain value (that the user can set) ex : 1 FPS..... it can save us a lot of time ...:)


Audio level per-frame as 1D texture

This is an odd one. I'd like a plugin that records a frames-worth of audio (at the current frame-rate), and outputs the level of the audio during that time-period as a 1D texture (ie a strip) of selectable width.

So, for example, you could choose to have it output a 256px wide strip every frame. The luminosity of the pixels across the strip from left to right would represent the amplitude of the audio over the course of one frame.

How does that sound? Is it doable in a QC plugin?


Safe Video Input

I need a patch or plugin for my iBrowser.app that will fix the plm as you can see from below:

2008-04-18 05:51:03.353 iBrowser[4332:10b] *** Patch class "QCVideoInput" is not allowed in safe mode 2008-04-18 05:51:03.362 iBrowser[4332:10b] *** : Failed instantiating patch with name "QCVideoInput" 2008-04-18 05:51:03.376 iBrowser[4332:10b] *** Message from : Cannot create node of class "QCVideoInput" and identifier "(null)" 2008-04-18 05:51:03.383 iBrowser[4332:10b] *** Message from : Cannot create connection from ["outputImage" @ "VideoInput_1"] to ["inputImage" @ "Billboard_2"] 2008-04-18 05:51:03.386 iBrowser[4332:10b] *** Message from : Cannot create connection from ["outputImage" @ "VideoInput_1"] to ["inputImage" @ "ImageDimensions_1"] 2008-04-18 05:51:03.387 iBrowser[4332:10b] *** State restoration failed on

I'd appreciate for your help, Roman

3DConnexion Spacenavigator Plugin

How about a plugin for this little beauty? http://www.3dconnexion.com/3dmouse/spacenavigator.php and a photo here http://www.3dconnexion.com/images/footprint.jpg

It's a 3D navigation device which looks like it could be a cool controller for 3D stuff in QC.

I've just downloaded the Mac SDK, so if anyone's interested, I can pass it along.



IsoSurface Viewer

Anyone interested in some sort of IsoSurface viewer plugin for QC?

Would be cool to be able to do this

http://www.mefeedia.com/entry/quaternion-julia-set-02/6868916/ or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g2gZq8wFj8

kinda thing in QC, I think.


PS I think it's actually possible to do most of the rendering of an IsoSurface in GLSL (at least it's possible in HLSL, I think), so it may be just a question of providing a mechanism whereby the IsoSurface file can somehow be piped into a GLSL shader.

open file window patch

Tired to drop files in the terminal to get the exact path...and copy paste to input path in patches... What about a simple patch that open a regular apple" load file window" (with a checked bolean) to browse thru volumes...and output a file path..:)