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Folder Movies Patch

[ from coremelt ]

first it doesn't return a path to quartz compositions, which is an issue. I'd really like to be able to use this patch together "image with composition" and "file type" in order to seamlessly play either movies or compositions from a folder. second, the "scan signal" doesn't behave the same as the one in the built in "folder images". if you disconnect my "dirty hack" macro and leave the scan signal true it does not scan the folder when the composition initialises. with the built in "folder images" you can leave scan signal on true and it will automatically rescan on starting the composition and whenever the string input changes. seems also that "file type" UTI is not returning anything for some of my movie files even though they ARE valid quicktimes and they can be played ok by "image with movie". Maybe should just do string scanning on the filename instead and use ".mov" or ".qtz" to determine which "image with" patch to use.

Wiimote Unleached

Could you work on an extend patch to enable the Nunchuk and IR control mode ?


wiimote and atan2

WiiMote's pitch and roll inputs should use atan2 instead of atan, to allow for full 360° reporting (yay upside-down mode!)

3D Object Loader

Creates an object from a wavefront OBJ File

Speech recognition patch

Hi, since you guys developped a speech synthesis patch (i guess with linking the built-in synthesis library to QC libs), why not develop a speech recognition patch ... ? Some months ago for some project, i heavily used GlovePie (Window$) to join speech recognition/ speech synthesis/ wiimote control/ to realtime graphics with vvvv.... and it was a real phun to play with these tools... I know osX also has a recognition framework, and being able to "vocally" command Quartz can be an awesome feature.... I can imagine linking an actor's speech (structure) to different "actions" within a graph (like,say, an image structure of corresponding notions).... Anyhow, that's just an idea...

Structure Tools

I'd like a toolkit of nodes for creating and manipulating structures.

An obvious use would be single cord patching between macros, essentially allowing you to create custom nodes out of macros.

More exotic uses would be editing the data in structures in-place, merging them etc.

I'll leave an exact feature list to those with more experience of other patching environments, or till i'm deep in the middle of a qc project and cursing heavily =]


Composition-relative addressing

QC's standard patches employ "composition-relative-addressing," meaning that files access with that patch can be accessed relative to the composition.

For example, if a composition is on the desktop, a path of "foo.jpg" will get "/Users/[current user]/Desktop/foo.jpg" transparently.

None of our path-using patches (including the ones smokris pioneered at http://softpixel.com/~smokris/widgets/quartzComposer/kinemePlugins/) employ this behavior [EDIT: we're transitioning over to this to be more consistent]. It doesn't appear to have an obvious solution (composition's path isn't provided in any of our currently-implemented QCPatch methods), but it can't be that hard to figure out.

Once it is figured out, time to update!

Folder movies doesn't detect special characters or aliases


Your plug ins are simply fantastic. It is very exciting to see them appear, progressively widening our possibilities as QC developpers.

Two remarks on the new "folder movies patch" :

  • it ignores files named with special characters (é,ô,ê,ç...). Is it possible to correct this limitation in a future version ?

  • it doesn't scan aliases of folders (example : if I put an alias of a folder in the scanned folder, it won't treat it as a folder when scanning recursively).

Maybe I am asking too much... anyway, many thanks !

Yann Le Bihan

Snap-to-grid in composition editor

We could probably hack this using a method similar to that in Draw Your Own Patches.

Wiimote Patch crashes QC when Bluetooth is turned off

This is annoying when working with graphs that can be controlled by Keyboard OR Wiimote...