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K3D - "rotation origin" and/or translate/rotate/rotation origin struct input for structure renderer.


One of the cool things about K3D's setup (imo), is that you can move around objects - before - they hit the renderer.

This means that if you have a multi-obj, and want a specific index or range of indices, you can use a conditional or math to make only those indices "do something". So, if you are iterating to render a multi-obj 3D-object, you can connect a K3D object rotate or translate, and make just those indices rotate or translate.

In using this more, I've realized that without a rotation origin, it makes the rotation ability a bit hamstrung, because the sub-object will rotate from wherever it does by default - not necessarily where you want it to.

So, then I lopped out the K3D transform/rotate stuff, and used a 3D transform instead (because there IS a rotation origin".

However, when doing that, if you want to have multiple "pieces" of the 3D object do different things at different index vals, it still makes more sense to use something like a K3D Transform or Rotate, because you could hook up multiple units before it hits the renderer. That way, I could make multiple pieces rotate in "X" with a given rotation origin, in a really obvious and straightforward way. When using a 3D transform's rotation origin in this scenario, this breaks down in complex setups.

An alternate thing would be to be able to send a structure of x/y/z translate, x/y/z rotation, and x/y/z rotation origin to the Kineme 3D Structure Renderer (and scale I guess).

The rotation origin thing would be highly desirable for the Kineme Structure Render environment as well.

Here is a zip that hopefully illustrates my reasoning, and the kind of activities that could be done.

The "movement" qtz shows a couple of pieces of a mult-obj file being "moved" with rotation origin accounted for.

The "rotation origin feature request" shows the same model with it's hand flying around, unconnected to the wrist.

stereoscopic renderer without FOV

This one is pretty simple. It's a request for a stereoscopic render environment that doesn't have the FOV patch in it, or that has a bypass.

Quartz Builder Midi Out/in limit

Quartz Builder seems to have problem running Midi Receiver/Sender patch with more than 21 inputs or outputs. A composition that works in Quartz Composer without any problem (Receiving and Sending Midi with more than 21 I/O) does not work after building with Quartz Builder. Only the first 21 Midi in and outs are working. But there is no crash or something similiar. Only this limit.

KinemeCore Drop patch into Macro feature.

You have a sprite already noodled up and functional. Then you want to drop it into a Macro without having to publish all the input ports and re-noodle.

Something like Cmd-Opt keys while dragging a patch over a Macro and it gets dropped in an renoodled to correct ports automatically.


The patch should have a port where we input the Key name of a patch (eg. Clear_1), and an input port Key (eg. inputColor). The output of the patch would deliver the current state of the patch and input being called upon.

There wouldn't have to be any "send" attached.

I'm marking at as active because of similarity to Spooky.

Spore Creature Creator Usage/K3D-Thoughts

This is a really open ended kind of request, and I usually put WAY more thought into stuff before throwing it out there.

I was using the Spore Creature Creator demo, and was really impressed by the selection of swappable parts, the way they play with the stock animations, etc., and the final results. The characters do share similar visual quality, but the interaction method is so simple it's ridiculous.

This got me thinking that it "sure would be nice" if there was an open source, or alternative type of version of this, based in something more along the lines of Kineme Parametric shapes or OpenCL Meshes.

It would be really_cool, to have a qtz based/integrated app that worked with an Interaction method type paradigm, but ramped up (basically, very similar to Spore Creature Creator), to "edit/create" what are actually qtz's that consist of linked parametric shapes and textures that can be edited into animated characters, vehicles, trees, etc. Then, those macro qtz creatures could be incorporated into other qtz's.

You would have a "shape" menu where you pull off typical body part shapes, then a texture interface, a demo "walk around mode" etc. The thing that is potentially interesting about going this route, is that QC has the kind of extensibility to write shapes from scratch, and has rich existing texturing tools.

So, this would basically be like a shell QC interface that writes qtz based assets, and animations might have to happen with a unique interface/plugin. So, I'm not really talking about writing to an existing 3D model format, as I am having an interface that is actually constructing qtz's via Viewer mode.

To be clear, I know that "characters" can be built (done it plenty),, it's just not obvious for people to do, and maybe it makes sense to rig something up so that this kind of thing doesn't have to be done from scratch every time.

I know this isn't trivial, but I think it would be a good progression of K3D, or maybe just related to.

Interaction Editing- Copy/Paste/Duplicate in Viewer

.... and that says it all ;-)

Copying/paste/delete/duplicate, etc, actions on items in the Viewer get pushed to what's going on in the Editor. This is pretty darn standard in many graphics engines.

Too ambitious for a plugin?

QuartzBuilder - Batch, building multiple compositions

It would be nice to have a way to build multiple compositions. maybe a CLI like quartzcrystal? Thanks

Mega Conditional/Rules Patch

This could be done with scripting or by stringing patches together in certain instances, but my want is for conditional/logic patch or patches that have addable inputs. This seems like it would have been obvious for those patches, and it's something that I've thought of for a long time, without ever thinking to mention.

Now, the crazy take on this would be to have something where you could write in conditional and boolean logic statements in plain logic statements, kind of like Hypercard/Hypertalk.

Just some thoughts...

Get Mesh Output Port Tooltip Image/ Tooltip Stuff -Structure Tools

It would be convenient to be able to "get" the image that appears at the output of a mesh port tooltip, and be able to render that directly to a Billboard/Sprite, whatever.

The output of a mesh tooltip shows an image (aberrant for the data type), of a post transformed mesh (distinctly different from "get texture" which just removes grabs the texture from the pipeline).

I'm marking this is started/inactive since there's been previous discussion of supplying tooltip info in a structure, or getting namespace info. I'm tagging this as a structure tools thing.

I know that mesh port is "undocumented", but it seems like the mechanism that provides tooltip images is probably well documented... I just don't know if that can be transferred into a full resolution image.

Also, there are tons of "namespace" things that would be great to be able to grab from structures that aren't actually "part" of a structure, and we can't do anything to get at them for making logic decisions.