R: Rejected

MIDI Program Change

Hey, how about a MIDI Program Change patch?

crash reporter freeze

this might be reported already. and i don't know how to reproduce it. but it happened as the kineme crash reporter was attempting to backup the crashing file.

hope you enjoy it anyway!

Phidgets Plug In


It would be great if the development could be continued for programming phidgets 8/8/8 , LCD, SERVo and RFID and transferred into Leopard.

See this link :




Improved OSC Send/Receive

How about improved OSC patches?

Ideally, I'd like the ability to programmatically set port numbers for Sent and Receive patches, and the IP address for the sent patch.

Also, the ability to automatically create output ports on the Receive patch from detected signals from an OSC transmitting device would be very handy.

Finally, it might be cool to somehow implement structure inputs and/or outputs to keep cable spaghetti at bay, and maybe so that you could automatically create outgoing messages from a JavaScript, rather than having to have a load of static input ports to the Send patch. You could also have a structure output from the Receive patch containing all received OSC messages on the specified port.

Anyone with me on this one?

a|x http://machinesdontcare.wordpress.com

Kineme 3D Primitives

Currently Kineme 3D has the 3D Plane primitive which is nice to have thanks, however, it would be greatly appreciated if there were other basic 3D primitives available such as sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, torus etc.

Global Input Midi Value Follower with 'Key Range Filter'

The Global Midi Value Follower is a great tool. Is it possible to add an input filter not unlike the 'Source' variable but which could limit which keys it watched to a user defined range within a single channel on a specific source?

This would allow several instances of this patch to be driven by a single midi channel, all modulating/switching different destinations.

Perhaps it is possible to do this with existing patches already, but I haven't figured it out.



Animata Renderer

Animata is an excellent open source real-time animation software. Check it out if you haven't already heard about it: http://animata.kibu.hu/

Now the only problem with it is that there are no image processing capabilities inside Animata. Therefore, it would be extremely useful, if you could render Animata scenes in something like Quartz Composer.

Michael Forrest has already made a renderer for Processing AND for the iPhone

I'm far from being an expert, but I would imagine that this means that most of the work is already done. All the classes are here http://github.com/michaelforrest/animata-iphone/tree/master Someone would just need to make them into a QC plugin. Correct me if I'm wrong and this actually is a lot more difficult than I imagine.

I would love to do this myself, but it would probably take me a few years. Kineme guys would probably do it in an afternoon. Any takers? I will be happy to help in any way I can (testing etc.)

Directory Scanner/ with comments reader, more options

What I've been trying to do is setup something that happens to work extremely well as long as the image is smaller or about equivalent to the final destination size. When the image is one of those mega big Apple desktop images, the lag on resize screws up my whole qtz. It would most likely be the same scenario for movies (untested).

What would be ideal is if there were blocking by maximum dimension sizes available for the directory scanner along with the ability to block by file type, like there is already.

In thinking about that, it would be MEGA awesome if there was an input port that could basically search for a term we use in the "comments" portion of a file. So, if I typed "a" in the meta data input port, the directory scanner wouldn't load anything unless it had only "a" written in the special comments.

Just a thought! I'm marking this as started/active, since the directory scanner is already in existence.

Kineme Audio File Input patch

I have to congratulate Kineme on the speed of the Kineme Audio File Input patch it seems to flog the Apple patch in Toneburst's GL Look At Very Cool comp that I remixed.

Unfortunately whenever I adjust published values in the comp as it is running, I get beach-ball-o-death and a hang in the comp for 15-40 seconds. This doesn't happen with the slower Apple audio file patch

Steps to Reproduce:
Run the comp alter any top level published value

Expected Results:
No beach-ball-delay

Actual Results:

No tests for this as latest version is required for Quartz Crystal. Patch is new?

No work around known :( Switch between Apple and Kineme Patch at root level.


I have been trying to develop something my self but its very hard due that I don't know java. I really would love to have fractals working as these applications i found on the net.

http://spanky.triumf.ca/www/other_progs.html I tried this one. for pc http://www.geometriafractal.com/img/soft/chaoscope_0_2_1.zip

With fractals there are many natural representations and fractals art to play with... there are many equations to chose from.

http://local.wasp.uwa.edu.au/~pbourke/fractals/ http://www.arrakis.es/~sysifus/software.html http://www.utopiansky.com/labratory/fractals/