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CompositionAugmented Reality in OpenCL (Composition by M.Oostrik) M.Oostrik (88)445 years 44 weeks ago
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Binary pollIf Quartz Composer disappeared tomorrow, how would you get your work done? smokris (1074)456 years 45 weeks ago
Compositionkinect depth image in meters to world map (Composition by dust) dust (1825)257 years 2 weeks ago
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Binary pollIf Quartz Compositions could run on iOS, what kind of app would you make with QC? smokris (1074)147 years 8 weeks ago
Feature Requestflatten virtual macro gtoledo3 (4030)37 years 11 weeks ago
Feature RequestMetacarta or Similar API QC Plugin gtoledo3 (4030)107 years 11 weeks ago
Feature RequestQuickTime broadcaster pbourke (25)117 years 11 weeks ago
Feature RequestRTSP Streaming Patch mattgolsen (267)107 years 11 weeks ago
Feature RequestPublish all inputs function yanomano (236)897 years 11 weeks ago
Forum topicReading emails with QC? incubo (29)37 years 12 weeks ago
Forum topicGetting video from my Canon HV20 into QC (1190)217 years 12 weeks ago
Bug ReportKineme Network Tools loses key in Preferences Plist mattgolsen (267)37 years 21 weeks ago
Feature RequestAppleScript Receiver smokris (1074)47 years 24 weeks ago
Feature RequestWebKit Renderer smokris (1074)317 years 24 weeks ago
Feature RequestSpeech recognition patch franz (1206)207 years 24 weeks ago
Bug ReportQuartzBuilder 1.4 Bug gtoledo3 (4030)77 years 25 weeks ago