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Forum topicBlackmagic Intensity Vs Matrox MX02 capture card latencies jrs (228)2710 weeks 6 days ago
ReleaseRelease: VideoTools, v2.4 smokris (1072)01 year 7 weeks ago
StoryVuo 1.2 is here! — 20% off through December 31 smokris (1072)01 year 17 weeks ago
ReleaseRelease: QuartzCrystal, v2.2 smokris (1072)01 year 23 weeks ago
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Feature RequestCustomise the HTTP request header info in NetworkTools HTTP Query Patch incubo (28)31 year 23 weeks ago
ReleaseRelease: NetworkTools, v1.5 smokris (1072)01 year 23 weeks ago
ReleaseRelease: NetworkTools, v1.6 smokris (1072)01 year 23 weeks ago
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Forum topicComposition works fine in QC but Exported App from Quartz Crystal Fails usefuldesign.au (1190)11 year 28 weeks ago
ReleaseRelease: NetworkTools, v1.4 smokris (1072)01 year 34 weeks ago
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ReleaseRelease: Original Kineme Plugin, v0.2 cwright (3034)111 year 44 weeks ago
Forum topicMIDI Tools in Snow Leopard (MIDI Global Out Note crashing QC) Gutterkisser (9)141 year 44 weeks ago
Forum topicHow to export an image from QC to a file? capsaicin (10)142 years 1 week ago
StoryA New Direction smokris (1072)332 years 3 weeks ago
StoryVuo 1.1 is here! — Export movies, talk to serial devices, and much more! smokris (1072)02 years 3 weeks ago
ReleaseRelease: NetworkTools, v1.3 smokris (1072)02 years 10 weeks ago
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ReleaseRelease: KinemeCore, v0.1 cwright (3034)302 years 23 weeks ago