Vuo 1.1 is here! — Export movies, talk to serial devices, and much more!

We just released Vuo 1.1!

We're excited that this Vuo release brings us a lot closer to our dream of creating a replacement for Quartz Composer.

Vuo can now do what the following Kineme plugins and apps do:

  • Kineme QuartzCrystal — high-quality offline movie rendering with antialiasing and motion blur, and realtime movie recording
  • Kineme QuartzBuilder — export compositions as Mac OS X apps
  • Kineme3D — load and manipulate a wide variety of 3D meshes
  • Kineme GLTools — points, lines, cameras, FOV, grids, depth channel, blend modes, selective lighting, stereoscopic rendering
  • Kineme Art-Net Tools — communicate with Art-Net stage lighting
  • Kineme SerialTools — communicate with serial devices
  • Kineme Freeboard — text input
  • Kineme PBMesh — projection warping
  • Kineme AlphaBlendMode — proper alpha compositing

It's all built-in to Vuo; no need to separately purchase plugins and apps. And you can buy it for less than the price of Kineme3D.

(Vuo doesn't yet do literally everything these Kineme plugins/apps do, but the main features are there (along with plenty of new features), and we're working hard to finish up the details.)