Vuo 1.2 is here! — 20% off through December 31

We released a major new version of Vuo earlier this month. If you haven't tried Vuo yet, or haven't tried it for a while, now's a great time to take a look. Through December 31, Vuo 1.2 is 20% off with coupon code.

Vuo 1.2 brings even more of the Kineme / Quartz Composer features we know and love. As you might remember, Vuo already includes the main features of Kineme QuartzCrystal, Kineme QuartzBuilder, Kineme3D, and a bunch of other Kineme plugins. (And it's less than the price of Kineme3D!) Now, Vuo 1.2 adds subcompositions (similar to QC's macro patches), USB HID nodes (similar to QC's HID Input patch), and a file drag-and-drop node (similar to Origami's Drag and Drop patch).

But Vuo isn't a clone of QC. We're continuing to add support in Vuo for things that aren't possible, or aren't easy, in QC. In Vuo 1.2, this includes timing/scheduling nodes to trigger animations at certain times, a beat detection node to sync visuals with music in live performances, and a fisheye camera (Vuo Pro) for projecting onto planetarium domes. Here's a list of more things that Vuo can do that QC can't.

We really hope you'll try Vuo (there's a free trial) and consider taking advantage of the end-of-year 20% discount. Just go to the Buy Vuo page, and use this coupon code: e5cVg4HL