Community Rules

The following rules apply to all user-submitted content, whether posted on the forums or elsewhere on the site.


  • Be respectful — incitement, sarcasm, griefing, trolling, slander, and other ad hominem personal attacks are not permitted. You have the right to equal treatment, regardless of your age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, medical history, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religion, or favorite text editor.
  • Be scientific — perform tests, make observations, use logic. Cite your sources. Avoid hearsay.
  • Be legal — since's servers are located in the United States, content must comply with United States law.
  • Search before you post.
  • Keep forum threads on-topic — if you want to discuss another topic, start another forum post. Support threads aren't the place for intense debate as it makes it more difficult to respond, find, and read solutions.
  • Post only your own content or content you have permission to distribute. Don't impersonate.
  • Don't spam.
  • Don't cross-post.
  • Don't rewrite history — you do not have permission to modify a post after someone has replied to it.

Breaking the Rules

We, the Moderators, try to keep an eye on things, but we might not see everything or read things the same way you do. Let us know if we've missed anything.

We'll warn you if you break the rules. Your offending posts may be removed or modified by a moderator — if we make an edit, we'll leave a note indicating the post has been edited.

This is what a Moderator Note looks like.

If, after being warned, you persist in breaking the rules, your account may be blocked.


Acceptable Content

  • "I'm getting an error/crash when I try to do this in this context. How can I fix it?"
  • "I like/dislike the aesthetic style of this, because..."
  • "This is technically incorrect, because..."
  • "This is the way I like to do it, because..."

Unacceptable Content

  • "You just don't know what you're talking about." — violates the "Be respectful" rule. Criticize the argument, not the person.
  • "It's better to do it this way." — violates the "Be scientific" rule. How can independent third-parties verify your claim?
  • "Besides the bug you mentioned, I noticed these other bugs, too." — violates the "Keep forum threads on-topic" rule. Please post a new bug report or support request instead.