How should I post my Xcode Projects?

Posting Xcode projects can be an informative experience -- however, there are a few things you can do to make this process smooth and efficient for you, the poster, as well as us, the downloaders.

First, make sure you include the entire project. A single source file isn't always enough, and it takes considerable amounts of time to work it into an existing project to see what's going on. Having that all ready to go makes life much easier.

Second, be sure to indicate which plugins are required -- sometimes this will require some reconfiguration, and knowing it before hand makes the process much smoother.

Third, remove the "build" directory -- that directory contains the intermediate files and final projects, and can be rebuild without much effort. However, they tend to be rather large (they can account for over 50% of the folder size), so removing them makes uploading and downloading much much faster.