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Quartz Crystal has an antialiasing feature. You can set it. It will do things. Antialiasing things. If you want aliasing, leave it alone. If you don't want aliasing, or in other words you do want antialiasing, then change it. Or, if you want aliasing, you could also use the hidden antiantialiasing feature which defeats the antialiasing with an added anti. Careful though because you could end up turning on antiantiantialiasing which would then antialias everything. Complicated? Maybe. Awesome? Sure.

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Re: QuartzCrystalAntialiasing

How do you set it and change it?

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Re: QuartzCrystalAntialiasing


The "multisampling" hidden preference option in Quartz Composer.app has 100% nothing to do with QuartzCrystal.app, or it's anti-aliasing feature.

Quartz Crystal achieves anti-aliasing by blowing image up, and then reducing it; this is often called the "brute force" method. Quartz Crystal attempts to render everything on the CPU, so that results are similar from machine to machine, and this method of anti-aliasing jives with that.

Also, in Leopard/10.5 when Quartz Crystal came about, the "multisampling" hidden preference (accessed by holding Option when one selects preferences), wasn't available. One can also get a higher level of anti-aliasing using Quartz Crystal than the gpu based "multisampling", though the render time may end up getting long. It's sort of two different worlds, doing two different things that wind up with a similar result. It's best to think of the settings as having no interplay at all though; they are implemented in totally different apps.

Engaging the multisampling option in the Quartz Composer.app that apple provides for editing qtz's, allows the Viewer of that app to have "multisampling"/anti-aliasing as supported by the GPU of your machine. This is limited, and variable. Some machines may not support it (I'm not sure?), and some may support 4~6x, but nothing is written in stone. Turning this on doesn't "add another anti that counters" anything happening in Quartz Crystal, or changes anything in your renders.

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Re: QuartzCrystalAntialiasing

Doh, reading too fast -- Quartz Crystal -- of course. But thanks for the clarification on multisampling.