Store: Payments

What do I do if the payment system isn't working?

  1. Don't Panic.

Paying with a Credit Card

  • If you have a 'fraud protection' feature on your account, please check with your credit card provider and make sure they will allow a transaction from (a project of Kosada Incorporated), located in Athens, Ohio.
  • If you happen to be using AmEx, be sure to enter the four-digit CVV code on the front of your card, rather than the three-digit CVV code on the back of your card.
  • If you get the "unable to process your credit card payment" message, and you're sure you've typed in your credit card information correctly, try paying via PayPal --- you can use a credit card to pay via PayPal without having to set up a PayPal account. Please let us know if you experience this problem --- it should be pretty rare.

Paying with PayPal

  • If PayPal says that it is unable to ship to your country, please try the following:
    1. Try paying with a credit card.
    2. If you're unable to pay with a credit card, PayPal the amount to (along with which products you're ordering), and we'll manually create the order for you.

We apologize for the hassle with PayPal --- we're trying to work this out with them.