2008 - Looking Forward

First off, Thank You to all the Visitors, Members, and Beta Testers for making 2007 such an exciting year for Kineme. Many wonderful ideas have been hatched, and there has been a considerable amount of exciting work going on. Just take a look at the Beta Releases, and you'll see 39 releases for almost a dozen plugins between September 6th and December 30th. The feedback from those helps to push the under-development plugins ever farther. The pace is exciting, as is the new ground we're covering.

2008 Also shows no signs of slowing. There are many upcoming projects we have lined up; it's simply a matter of finding the time to write the code :) Hopefully we'll be able to focus more on a consistent public release schedule, so everyone can benefit from the work we're doing.

In just 6 months, we've developed the infrastructure to handle projects of many different sizes, and we continue to discover more about the internals of Quartz Composer, unlocking new features and more powerful plugins. All of that was made possible by users — like you! — submitting ideas, discussion, and sometimes even financial incentives. And with Apple opening up the Official API, Quartz Composer is now in a position to get even more attention. This is already apparent on Apple's Quartz Composer Dev mailing list - New users are arriving all the time.

Thanks again for your time, patience, ideas, and feedback. Let's continue to make Quartz Composer even more innovative in 2008!