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Hi folks, i'm proud to introduce the new audio-visual live performance i'm coding for DatA - french electronic music artist.

currrently using KnM Particle tools, Structure Tools, Gl Tools and ArtNet tools (to control strobes + smoke machine)... More pictures to come.

here are some snapshots from the rehearsals (on a semi-opaque LED modular wall):

--- KnM Rulez !

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That's hot :) So is that wall one big screen (divided into pieces)?

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yeap, one big screen, but modular, made out of 16by16 LED blocks. Total resolution is ..... 160*128 pix, so this allows for some crazy render in image + filter chains. And it is always running @60 FPS. What's kewl is that the LED system takes DVI as input, so it is basically plug and play... (and no need for a Hippotizer ! ). Once plugged, we can move the panels to our liking, to fit the stage according to the venue.

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Nice, it reminds me of

Nice, it reminds me of blinkenlights, but very distinct as well. The way you contoured the concept to work at such a low res is really cool!