Superformula PseudoSpreads, No Lighting

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See for screenshots.

SpaceNavigator control of rotation and zoom (but fails-safe if you haven't got one), lots of controls.

I've tried to modularise as much as possible, and also allow for fine-tuning of parameters, so most inputs published at root-level also have extra fine-tuning and range options if you dig a bit deeper.

Obsessively commented (though no guarantees anyone else will understand all those notes) ;)

Requires the following Kineme plugins: Structure Tools (beta) SuperGLSLGrid (beta) Spooky

Bit hardcore on the CPU/GPU, so you'll need a fast machine/card for realtime operation, unfortunately.


tb_Superformula_Spreads no lighting 0.0.qtz1.81 MB

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Heh, that is the sweetest

Heh, that is the sweetest gradient ever (without SuperGLSLGrid).

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Looks Nicer

with SuperGLSLGrid installed though.. :)


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nice work man

god i wish i had a better understanding of QC. Wrapping my mind around how QC works, hurts my brain. Even with all the comments i still get lost in all the macros, and patches lol. Maybe one day i will produce something on this level. Nice work.

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Re: Superformula PseudoSpreads, No Lighting

The thing that's been unfortunate about this one is that at some point, for some reason changing iteration count makes it crash.