Display Enumeration with Quartz Builder

Summary: When creating .apps with Quartz Builder that utilize anything beyond Display 2, unexpected display assignment may occur, ie. multiple compositions on a single screen

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Created 7 compositions with 1 Image w/ String, 1 Sprite, 1 Clear patch, each composition having a unique identifier (Screen 2, Screen 3 etc) 2. Created a Full screen .app with Quartz Builder for each corresponding composition with the following settings: 1024 x 768 Dimensions, appropriate Full Display Screen (2-8), Fade In, Esc to Quit and Multisampling. 3. Loaded compiled .apps on Mac Pro Quad Core Xeon w/ 4 ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT's, with one tv per DVI output (total of 8 screens, 1 Cinema Display, 7 tvs)

Expected Results: Expected each .app to be automatically assigned to appropriate display.

Actual Results: 2-7 appeared on correct displays, 8 appeared on same as 7. Previous tests had different results with screen assignments of .apps.

Regression: Occurs in every instance.

Notes: Attempted closing all applications, detecting screens, reloading apps. Also attempted rebooting to allow for better screen enumeration on system startup, same result.