Send email MMS/SSM with quartz composer

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Hi all, just wondered if any one had any pointers/ideas on sending emails, MMS/SSM from within QC. Could this be possible using the command line tool plugin?


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Re: Send email MMS/SSM with quartz composer

Dovetail it to a php SMS, it would be nice to say that this would be ideal for the iphone, but according to the helpful 3 sales rep, the iPhone doesn't suit the MMS, although SMS is supported. that aside, if you are looking for a safari browser, iphone browser , possibly itouch resident application then there are already plenty of 'off the shelf' and open source solutions to the problem.

[| SMS & Quartz Composer ]]

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Re: Send email MMS/SSM with quartz composer

I was just going to throw that link up. Didn't realise it was cybero, ha!

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Re: Send email MMS/SSM with quartz composer

Cheers for the link some ideas for the pot, however the process seems to be the wrong way round for what i'm intending to do. They're input the sms into a xml downloader i'm trying to send information from qc to be sent as a SMS. Oh well food for thought might get something out of this. thxs again.

+Any one have any ideas about sending emails from with qc (think the command line plug in might be of use here)

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Re: Send email MMS/SSM with quartz composer

well, ok , here's more grist for the mill, both sending and receiving covered herein, you just need to output the input text to the script, Network Protocolised composition required, php send & receive

otherwise pay this site a visit, this is their bread and butter.

online SMS

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Re: Send email MMS/SSM with quartz composer

Mmm tasty sure take a look thxs cybero.

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Re: make phone call with quartz composer

yeah this seems pretty cool. was thinking about making a QC patch that actually makes a phone call. if anyone is interested in making a QC widget that makes phone calls or something let me know i'll share some of my code with you if not give you some php space or something my on server so you can make it your self. i don't really use my server but im getting 26 mbits down on a cable connection my upload is crappy but plenty sufficient for phone bridging. have a try

i urge you to only call in USA if you can resist to not call china. this isn't the QC version but you can tell its just a simple html text box and button so making QC do this would be entirely easy. so resist the urge to call china or the pope or what ever else your thinking, because you can just register and do this yourself.

i made this thing a few years ago, it is still running on a depreciated call xml server over at voxeo. callXML is a real simple syntax maybe 30 words, i don't remember but you get free phone numbers for signing up to be a developer. you can do lots of cool things like recognition etc...

you obviously can think of ways to abuse this system but i urge to not randomly generate phone numbers. telephone laws vary but theoretically you can randomly call anybody you want even do answering machine detection and things like that so messages don't get cut off. you can drop an audio file on a server and have that played instead of TTS but its only 8bit so the sound isn't to good.

basically you need to make an app, make a number, get token, point to your server and just echo the callxml from php to voxeo and your making phone calls.

its kind of cool once you learn call bridging because you can call your 800 number from a pay phone and then when your secretary answers you can say mom and it will call your mum for free. not that people use pay phones anymore but i thought that was pretty cool.

there are a bunch of new features but i use voxeo for this.

if anything you can route forward your calls to your cell, skype what ever. voxeo is skypes host so the can manage lots of calls. there is even a visual programming thing called evolution designer if you don't want to learn call XML.

thought it was related to SMS it would interesting to see different approaches to how to use this with QC. im imagining a giant iphone like keyboard that springs up or something ???

ill get around to making a widget soon.

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Re: Send email MMS/SSM with quartz composer


When Im done with the project I have atm.. I will finish my SMS/MMS thingy.. I can send and recieve SMS and MMSes with a simplt rest reguest...

So keep your eyes open.. ;)

// Bjørn Christiansen aka ChrisB