kineme structure to file and structure from file troubles

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Ok, Im using the structure to file plugin to write a plist of a structure that is 7500 indexes long. When I use the structure from file plugin to bring the plist back into quartz the structure is in no decernable order, is there any way to sort this list,

Ive tried the structure sort (not to sure on all the keys to use with it though) but it jumps the structure names and sorts the values which is not what I want.

the plist structure is laid out as follows


as I stated previously, only the final value would get sorted but I need the "quartzstructure_####" sorted instead.

If anybody could shed some light and assist me it would be greatly appreciated

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Re: kineme structure to file and structure from file ...

i'm not certain what you mean by sorted. maybe using a structure reverse when reading the file it will put the structure back into the order you saved it as.

if you know the length of the array then sequentially sorting it out shouldn't be a problem. swapping is a pretty fast method. like taking the last index and swapping it for the first.

don't really know what kind of sort your trying to do but pushing your sorted out array to new queue might be a possible solution.

this could be achieved in java script or an iterator.

is the structure to file part of file tools or structure tools ?

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Re: kineme structure to file and structure from file ...

I had the same issue.... Due to the nature of plist (there're dictionaries), you have to access them using "structure key member" instead of index. I know it is a bit awkward, but it seems to be the way to go.