SerialIO problem with Arduino

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I've been playing around with Kineme's Serial Output, and I've had a very strange problem. My patch will only talk to the Arduino if I first open the Arduino software's serial monitor.

After doing this, I can close the Arduino app and communication is fine.

But, If I just run my patch without first running the Arduino app... nothing.

Any thoughts?


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Re: SerialIO problem with Arduino

I'm trying to get QC to send using the kineme SerialIO patch as well. I've got this working on Processing, so know that everything is fine with the hardware. But not working on the QC side of things.

My sense is that, when I send data in QC, its not in the right (ASCII) format. I see in the kineme samples that there's some javascript QC patch doing some data formatting. But, this isn't working either.

Anyone have examples of Serial IO sending data to the Arduino?

Thanks, Cj