Record realtime qtz + midi input to video

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I've got a Quartz Crystal license and have recently been experimenting with the Kineme Audio Tools to create audio driven renderings.

However I would really like record the output of my QC + MIDI input experiments to video, how would I go about this? I am using a hardware MIDI sequencer to trigger QC events realtime.

It seems Quartz Crystal isn't the tool for recording live performances with midi input, can this be done with Quicktime Pro? Or should I take yet a different approach?

Please help.


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unfortunately, both QuartzCrystal and QuickTime Pro are off-line renderers, meaning that they will not handle midi stuff properly.

The only solution right now that I can think of is screen-capture software, like snapz. This might be less than optimal tough, depending on your composition.

As an alternative, we're working on a patch called "Value Historian", which is intended to address this sort of problem (live inputs) -- you'll place it between inputs (midi, osc, keyboard, mouse, etc), and it'll record their values while passing them on to the composition. Then, you can set it to replay the recording, which will work offline (in QuartzCrystal or QuickTime Pro).

There hasn't been much discussed about this, so I'm not sure if people are interested in it or not...'s picture
sounds great!

Hey Christopher, that sounds very useful, I've often thought about writing something like that but if you guys have one in the works its great. I'm guessing the patch writes the data to a file? How complicated is the file format? It would be great if it was simple and could be read by other apps as well...

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definitly yes

I've been holding out on buying Quartz Crystal as I really had no need for it - I personally never really need to record static running quart compositions with no realtime interactivity. But if I understand correctly this patch would change that? It will record any form of interactivity (midi, osc, keyboard, mouse, joystick etc... ), and then Quartz Crystal can replay all the changing inputs and record to movie? That would be ace! Just bought a copy of QCrystal and looking forward to the history patch!

P.S. The above post was mine too...

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I am extremely interested in

I am extremely interested in it. it would be perfect for things I do with QC, not that Ive done much since June but anyways yeah, Value Historian woud be awesome.

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The return of the Non-Linear recording... (A.k.a StoreWars 3)

I have asked for a similar fonction:

The Value Historian patch could be a great solution ! We could desactivate "loud rendering part" in a composition, make a real time recording on a specific parameter and full render it, in Quartz Crystal !

May be Value Historian should be a couple of patch: Recorder, player, loader... But i don't think it's a good way. It could began a too complex tool (to be quickly helpful).

In a music software, midi or audio recordings are saved with the patch instruments, the effects, in the same "song project". It could be helpful to save separate value recordings, but for begining the most important patch should be a "Value Sequencer" a kind of "official TimeLine patch" update, wish could records, store, play and reset (maybe save and load) a virtual or/and selectable input. That could be great ! Before upgrading to Leopard, i was thinking the "time line patch" was the greatest idea of QC3 but i was a bit disappointed. It's a good graphic editor (a bit buggy) but the real revolution is a REAL SEQUENCER. Is it possible to upgrade the Time line patch ?

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1 patch to rule them all

I still think 1 patch would be best -- no renoodling required, and it can be used in other cases as well (for example, as a sequencer, by simply replaying its contents multiple times in a live composition).

I'll try to get a beta out early next week sometime, and we can go from there (since it looks like there are a few people willing to do some testing now, to catch weird behaviour :)

Thanks for the replies everyone :)

If you get a moment, can you flesh out what you expect from an updated timeline patch (and file it as a feature request)? We've found it lacking as well, but I'm not sure exactly what it needs to be really useful...

[BTW, thanks for referencing your previous thread on this -- I was planning on doing that, but didn't get a chance to yet]

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Yes, memo, this would do exactly what you think it would do.

Only exception is that the first version or two might not record video/images, just strings/numbers/bools (savings lots of images takes some elegant engineering to not hose the disk/machine while operating).

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This one is very interesting

This one is very interesting and could be a real time saver.

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Sequencer Patch

Sequencer Patch Topic is open in the Feature Requests forum.

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To be honest I wasn't

To be honest I wasn't expecting it to record video/images! that would be quite hardcore if it could. I think at this stage I (and probably most people) would suffice with just strings/numbers/bools as you say. Though I think structs would also be useful. I dunno if you just forgot to include that in your list, or you won't be including it at this point. Either way, no videos/images is fine, just looking forward to trying the basic version out...

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Structures depends on what the structures contain. For example, a structure of images would be out (i.e. from a queue), but a struct of numbers or bools, or colors, or whatever wouldn't be a problem. We've got something similar already (the structure-to-disk patch from FileTool I believe), which would function similarly (though without time information)

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Hi Chris, Sounds good

Hi Chris,

Sounds good indeed, let me know if I can help you test early versions of a plug-in like that.


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Join us !

This project has been merged with others into a "Sequencer Patch" feature request. Here: Thank you to join us and Vote !