My first Leopard QC post

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I forget which version of Leopard allowed screen saver options of "collage" and "Mosaic"...

I suspect that these are QC compositions

I actually used these in a movie by capturing the video out.

Question: Are these QC, if so, are they available for general use.

Same thing goes for the "video wall" shown when the AppleTV boots.



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/System/Library/Screen Savers/ ?

I haven't looked at the screensavers in Leopard yet (and won't have access to a machine running Leopard until I get home on Thursday)...

Have you checked out "/System/Library/Screen Savers/"? In Tiger, at least, that directory contains several binary screensaver bundles, along with a couple of .qtz screensavers. Attached is a screenshot.

If not.. I'll take a look when I get home.

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Not on Leopard 9A528d...

I just looked through /System/Library/Screen Savers/ and I don't see "Collage" or "Mosaic".