Applescript Patch: A Beginning

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AppleScript in Quartz Composer would be useful for one particular advantage over Javascript: It has its same dictionaries, etc, wherever it is implemented. That means calls to Address Book, Safari, and System Events. I want AppleScript right now so I can bring another application's window to the front, but I know of plenty of other uses.

This is only a decent start, as I can't figure out how to pass a variable number of arguments to the applescript the way I'm doing things

AppleScript Patch Goals

  • Implement AppleScript in a patch
  • Pass input nodes to our AppleScript code directly

Implementation: In Leopard's Official API, create a plugin with an interface. In your header file, specify two inputs. one a boolean, shouldRun, which will tell our patch when to run, and the other an Index (integer), numArgs, that tells us how many variable inputs we need. These are 'real' inputs, as in a patch that completes my goals, we'd have argument support.

Create one non-input Objective-C 2.0 properties, a NSString called script. Plunk a text box down in Interface Builder, and bind it to PlugIn.script. This is where the user enters his/her applescript. Scripts are entered into the text box, with arguments passed to any value called %@ or %d or whatever, in order.

Here's most of the code for your main block:

if (self.shouldRun) {
   //for errors, we have this!
   NSDictionary *errorContainer = [[NSDictionary alloc] init]; 

   //Creates our final script by taking user entry and substituting %@ or %d for our real argument.
   NSString *finalScript = [NSString stringWithFormat: self.script, arg1, arg2];  //note that as I have no idea what I'm doing, we're not gonna have these args.  thats for YOU to figure out how to do
   NSAppleScript *appleScript = [[NSAppleScript alloc] initWithSource:finalScript];

   if(![appleScript executeAndReturnError:& errorContainer])
   NSLog([errorContainer description]); 

So, who can solve the dynamically creating argument inputs problem?

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as an aside

use shellscript patch with "osascript -e 'your applescript goes here'" for one-liners.

perhaps look at the source of the shellscript patch as well to get a model for such things.

i'm in the middle of something fiddly myself, so can't get stuck into this right now.