How to use Structures with Kineme GL Point Structures

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Hello I'd like to put a bunch of points on the screen but i'm not sure how to do it with the GL Point Structure. It says it takes a structure of 3 element structures. How do I create one of those?

try #1: I've got 3 random patches each linked to a queue with a queue depth of 3, and i'm passing them to the structure with a virtual multiplexer. As you can see from the image, the point structure has members, but each member is a series of values, rather than a series of arrays.

can anyone enlighten me?

thanks v much IA s

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Multi-Dimensional Array

You need an 'array of arrays'. Each item in the array should be a sub-array of 3 values, one each for the X, Y and Z position of each point.

have a look at the attached demo to see what I mean.


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I know It's a sign of madness

to reply to my own posts, but...

it's also worth noting that you can use JavaScript to create structures from multiple inputs, so you don't necessarily need the Kineme Structure Maker patch.


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one option is to make a

one option is to make a structure with the kineme structure tools then use a queue patch. another is, like toneburst pointed out to use java script. the third is this crappy plugin i made. it lets you merge 3 1d structures into one 2d structure. its slow though (my first plugin and my first cocoa project). maybe it would be faster if i hadn't tried to make it vvvv style (make the result the same length as the longest input).

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nice one

hello thanks for the advice. i had started to create such structures in js and it looks like i've found a way.

btw toneburst i got this when i tried to load your qtz into qc3.1/10.5:

(null) : Patch with name "StructureMaker:KinemeStructureMaker" is missing

Macro Patch Cannot create node of class "StructureMaker" and identifier "KinemeStructureMaker"

Macro Patch Cannot create connection from ["outputValue_proxy_1" @ "Patch_1"] to ["Input 1" @ "StructureMaker_KinemeStructureMaker_1"]

Macro Patch Cannot create connection from ["outputValue_proxy_1" @ "Patch_2"] to ["Input 2" @ "StructureMaker_KinemeStructureMaker_1"]

Macro Patch Cannot create connection from ["outputStructure" @ "StructureMaker_KinemeStructureMaker_1"] to ["inputValue" @ "Queue_1"]

Macro Patch Cannot create connection from ["outputValue_proxy_1" @ "Patch_3"] to ["Input 3" @ "StructureMaker_KinemeStructureMaker_1"]

(null) State restoration failed on

which given i've got GLTools installed (in the patches subdir, not plugins) - might be relevant. cheers s

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Re: I know It's a sign of madness

Could you post a .qtz with this kind JavaScript ? I'm totaly incompetent in JavaScript but it could help me to manage with another project that need to merge Many structures in a single one. Thanx for all

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Re: nice one

Structure Maker patch isnt part of Kineme GL Tools, its a separate plugin, can be found on this site in the 'Quartz Composer Patches' section as Structure Tools v0.1