Interaction & Meshes

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This is based upon, although it's pretty different in a lot of ways from, Snow, the Developer Code Sample Apple made available after Snow Leopard came out.

SL patches Interaction, Instructions & Circle used

When you drag the transparent circle around it affects the rendering of the particles surrounding.

Uses the Snow Particle OpenCL routine.

Thanks to Apple for that one.

This is a pretty useless thing, but it's a nice bit of nonsense to end a headache of a day upon.


cybero 2009 Nov 16th

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Re: Interaction & Meshes

Headache of a day? do tell :)

(I'm ~3.5 hours away from time machine restoring my dev machine to Nov 7th after HFS+ decided that the disk was Completely And Totally UnRecoverable despite no hard crashes or poweroffs.. -- thankfully most of the source code I've worked on was already committed elsewhere, but the three latest KinemeCore 0.5 tweaks/optimizations from the past day or two have been lost, along with half a day of downtime... headache for me as well.)

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Re: Interaction & Meshes

My woes headache wise were perfectly physical and only equipment related as to how I managed to actually tear an intercostal muscle, whilst stretching to connect a projector to an HDMI amp :-)