3D Primitives

It would be handy to have OpenGL primitives exported to allow simple point, line, triangle, and quad drawing.

For point and line, 1 and 2 colors would be specified, in addition to the vertices. For triangle and quad, maybe an image input as well, to texture it.

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great, please extend..

to a grid primitive see this thread as well: http://kineme.net/FeatureRequests/SimpleGRID3DPrimitive + control by structure (to deal with arrays of points, line....)

btw, there's already a plugin patch by boinx that allows to draw lines. See here: http://www.boinx.com/chronicles/2006/11/28/boinx-line-10-quartz-composer...

but it would be uber kewl to have all the GL prims within one plugin

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what kind of interface should we be looking at? feeding in a bunch of structures with vertex/color data for points/lines so that a patch isn't limited to just one instance, or should the one-patch-one-primitive be the rule (like with sphere, cube, torus, etc)?

smokris and I are in the initial stages of trying to abstract 3D geometry information into a structure to shuffle between some upcoming patches. What kinds of ideas should be incorporated into this to make it useful? I'd like these patches to begin to adhere to that as well, where applicable.

[for example, having structure inputs would allow grid creation, among other things, all from one patch]

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simple and structure

I'd suggest making two classes of patches: a set of simple "one patch = one glLine"-style patches, and a set of patches with structure inputs.

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Here's a teaser screen shot, just to make everyone angry that I haven't released a beta yet :)

Anyone have and pointers on converting a CIImage to an OpenGL Texture? It looks pretty involved, but pretty systematic too. I just need to figure out what that system is...

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