AppleScript Receiver

so you can "tell QuartzComposer" to do stuff.

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applescript dictionaries look pretty static, and making an application AS-aware via plugin appears to be non-trivial. Any thoughts/refinements/clarifications to make this more approachable?

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Re: applescript

It is great that this has already been posted... but I would like to add the addendum that it would be GREAT to have a plugin that could trigger apple scripts for OTHER apps.

Some examples that come to mind-

-Play random iTunes song.

-Current temp by zipcode.

-Various finder scripts.

-Color sync scripts.

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Re: applescript

Can't you trigger Apple scripts through the shell command patch?

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Re: AppleScript Receiver

You know what, you have me curious. You can certainly trigger scripts via terminal... I have largely stayed away from the command line patch other than building it and briefly looking at the example qtz. So, I'm not sure what's embargoed, if anything, or what the functionality is.

However, I definitely still like the idea of being able to "embed" a script in a composition, so it doesn't have to rely on it even being installed...

I'll report back if I find anything interesting.