Constructive Solid Geometry patches

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I'll Second This

This would be very cool. I was just about to post a request for something very similar, but was going to call it something like '3D Mesh Boolean Operations Patch'.

It would be great to at least be able to carry out

Boolean Union Boolean Difference Boolean Intersection

on two different meshes.


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as an alpha tester, alx, can you please whip up some concepts/use-cases with the above, and e-mail them to me? Incidentally, I was thinking about this stuff (and mesh collision detection) for Alpha 11 (or maybe 10, if it keeps stalling...) :)

(obviously, I know what the operators are/do, I'm more interested in how you think people would use them/apply them -- CSG may not be cheap, so I am interested in knowing how to properly design this with the kineme3d pipeline)

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Re: notes

did this thing ever get built or tested? can i third this still?

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Re: notes

no, it was never touched. you can third it, but it's unlikely to happen before the end of this year.

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Re: notes

I am going to add in that though it's not really the same, the kineme3D parametric patch and the particle tools collider in tandem with the kineme 3D are kind of tantalizing nods in this direction if you haven't checked them out yet.

I have kind of left them aside, but I've built some fairly complex figures and objects with the parametric stuff, making joints with some workarounds, etc... I need to dig that stuff out again.

And since you can make the actual particles 3D with particles tools 3D, and have them bounce/collide with a main 3D object... you can get some cool reactions going. However. it's really not the most efficient of combo's, and I don't think Chris would argue.

The particle tools can't get tremendous particle counts, and when you futz with the editor, particles fly everywhere because of the way that it has to work more or less (what a technical explanation on my part) and QC limitations... So if you do something complex where you are tapping out kineme3D it's not great to put 3D particles on top of it really :o) It can work though!