Custom constrain aspect ratios

It would be great to be able to constrain the aspect ratio to a custom ratio.

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Cool feature

I'd like this feature too. I'm not sure how we'd implement it (it isn't really a patch's job to do this), but it'd help with a bunch of issues.

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esp with TripleHead

this would be really cool, esp. when building graphs for tripleHead2Go setups, with a 2400*600 rez. It's a pain to develop such graphs without custom aspect ratio.... However, as Chris noted, is might be difficult to find where to code this option, as it obviously can't be coded within a plug... To me, this sounds like patching the whole app or entering something in the commandline (there's a kind of cmd.line trick to go beyond the hardcoded maximum grapher size.... for those with a 30" appledisplay).