Directory Scanner


is there any way to read all fonts name in qc? I want to make a compositions with image with string, where user can browse system fonts and choose realtime for rendering.

I think if i can browse the Library/Fonts directory with a directory scanner path, i can do a list, but at the moment, dir. scanner patch reads only movie, qtz and pic files.

So, is there any way to read all files in a directory in a quartz compositions?



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Inspector Gadget

In the Image With String's Inspector Panel, you can get a drop down of (most) of your system/user fonts. A few are mysteriously omitted for some reason (my Tengwar font, for example, doesn't work or show up for whatever reason...).

Otherwise, there's no supported way to scan arbitrary file types -- you could do it with the shell command patch plugin though.

This doesn't help for the end user, of course... for that, you'd need a custom plugin.

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i will do an interface with IB for this comp, so, the inspector panel is not my friend. But, i will try the shell command patch plugin tomorrow, thanks for the help!