Directory Scanner/ with comments reader, more options

What I've been trying to do is setup something that happens to work extremely well as long as the image is smaller or about equivalent to the final destination size. When the image is one of those mega big Apple desktop images, the lag on resize screws up my whole qtz. It would most likely be the same scenario for movies (untested).

What would be ideal is if there were blocking by maximum dimension sizes available for the directory scanner along with the ability to block by file type, like there is already.

In thinking about that, it would be MEGA awesome if there was an input port that could basically search for a term we use in the "comments" portion of a file. So, if I typed "a" in the meta data input port, the directory scanner wouldn't load anything unless it had only "a" written in the special comments.

Just a thought! I'm marking this as started/active, since the directory scanner is already in existence.