End Position for Audio File Player

I have been using your audio patches recently and find them to be the best for QC I have found since yet.

However I would like to ask of one feature in particular, specifically of the Audio File Player Patch. I am trying to set queue points for tracks and the "starting position" input works great. I would like to ask for a customizable "end point" that would end the track, or loop it from that point.


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Re: End Position for Audio File Player

i have a audio player that i am using with qc in an application context. it outputs the the current time of the audio file that i use to drive a movie player patch. i got to clean it up and put it into a patch to share.

for the time being i think it may be possible to use the v002 movie player as an audio player. it i believe has time input and outputs that you could use to loop with etc.. I'm not at home and am installing Xcode right now so i can not check for sure. obviously you would have to turn your audio file into a movie and forget about the image data.

if you know your at what time you want to loop you could also use a stop watch. trigger the stop watch when you trigger the audio player patch use a conditional to test for the specific time you want to loop then set position when you hit that point.

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Re: End Position for Audio File Player

My first though was to yes, use the V002 movie player to do this, in junction with the bangnoise sampler patch. However, I found it only samples and loops the video, not the music.

And the stop watch seems like a good idea, I will look into that one for sure!

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Re: End Position for Audio File Player

I tried the stop watch and that worked great. I had the result of "limit" trigger a # multiplexer that would reset the current position at values very very close together.

You may have to put in your own track, if the one included does not transfer. It's a little rough, but it does the job.

The end goal would be some sort of beat matching, and looping certain bits - beat matching being the tougher part. I was thinking if it was possible to integrate a track with a waveform that you could drag along and specify where to cut, queue, etc

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Re: End Position for Audio File Player

good one!