Human mapping

Hi all. I like to make something but i don't know how. i like to make "human mapping", with sensors in the musician's bodys, making "moving masks", maybe in quartz composer? with what sensors? its possible? maybe with motion detection? how a can make a movable mask in QC? thanks! marcos

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Re: Human mapping

to move a mask is like moving anything else in qc. if your talking like a green screen or traveling matte or garbage matte type of thing there is a chroma key on apples developer site. as per sensors if you want to go the cheaper route go to or a site similar and browse through sensors there to many out there to just say this is the all you need sensor. but if you want to do the wearable thing you need a micro controller like an arduino. if you search this forum for body dress there is a cool thread with some sensor stuff

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Re: Human mapping

hey, thanks for the tips. i will investigate. ;-)

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Re: Human mapping

if you want to do motion tracking, you may find this useful...