Image Output Window Patch

A patch with an image input (or should it be a macro patch, like "Render in Image"?), which pops up a new viewer window and renders to it.

Useful for, e.g., vj applications, as an output preview.

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a bold one

oh, thats a bold one.

in terms of vj stuff specifically, for normal gigging vdmx is such a good qc host that there isn't as much need to make qc hosts for qc as there was (eg. quartonian now depreciated). for the bespoke app i'm gradually building the courage and time to start, it will be a full cocoa app with qc rendering pipeline, so no need for this inside qc.

...but i'm sure there'll be plenty of uses.


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I'm secretly working on this. It's pretty far out there, but I'll try to keep y'all posted on how things go :)

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just thinking

in terms of openGL, can you have access to the final rendered output ? And so, have the patch display a clone of the QCview on a separate window ? (this would be far easier for users than placing the whole comp in a "render in image" macro.) I would also be really interested in that feature when using triplehead2go setups, as it would allow me to have a scaled-down preview on my LCD screen, without the need of compiling a custom app with xcode...

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not sure

one could get the OpenGL image data at the moment the patch was executed, which might not always be correct (it'd have to always be the highest numbered layer to work properly).

it might also be possible to simply spawn a second Viewer window. Not sure of the details of this; I've only toyed with the idea a bit, not really explored the possibilities yet.

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any news ?

Any news ... ? I'm currently using a Render in Image, connected to a Sample and Hold and then i publish the image as an output port. (at 1/x framerate) I can then view it on a separate window using IB. I would definetly love to have an option to publish the whole comp to a picture with using 2 renderers. Any advice is welcome