Image Sequence reader

We can read quicktimes, load pictures but we can't read image sequences (a folder with images sequence) Ex : a one second video is save in images in a folder, they are named : image001.tga image002.tga ........ image025.tga (yes, 25 in pal ...:)

This can work as a "frame store".The patch can load "direct to disk" one frame at a time and display it. This is good for rotoscoping, loop, fx works....with the "write on disk dev patch we can write single or multiples frames and load them with the image "seq reader patch"

Patch interface : - Folder path - one slider to access a numbered frame - one output (counted frame in the folder) - Image output


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Directory Scanner

Can't you get this behaviour by using a Directory Scanner and Member at Index?

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already implemented since tiger i guess

Right now you can scan a directory full of pics, then have it output a structure of those files. With the structure tools, you can access any of these pics. Then with a stop watch - or a counter if you want precise control - you can just browse through your pics and display them on a quad. If you find it too slow to load the pics (cause it is not optimized like a quicktime movie - no preload) , place them in a ramdisk - et voila !

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I will try this

Thanks cwright and franz , I will try this !

OK I have tried ! like a charm ! Real time with a 720X576 jpeq image sequence....(30 to 60 i/S)