Insert Input/Output Splitter Type Choice

This would be an option for kinemecore.

When one control clicks to insert a splitter, you get the menu of ports. There would be another menu that leafs off of each port that allows one to choose a type of splitter.

Use example: if one has a mouse boolean going to a bunch of integrators, one could make a number output splitter instead of a boolean. This would allow one to place a math patch in between and return the result past the splitter, instead of the splitter converting it back to boolean.... without rewiring a composition. Cables would definitely have to "not" break when splitter type changes.

We could also use things like index splitters off of numeric ports to turn things to integer and get automatic rounding, without rewiring everything.

Second version - splitter transmutate, ala macro transmutate. That would be fine as well.

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Re: Insert Input/Output Splitter Type Choice

i second this vote. particularly for kineme structure maker. when you publish and split a structure maker it is set to type virtual which disconnects all the wires when you switch number type. when its a large structure this is time consuming. not sure if adding a setting to the structure maker for a type may be easier than a kcore solution but with kcore the solution would be universal to any patch ?

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Re: Insert Input/Output Splitter Type Choice

LOL. That is a really neat idea - gets my vote too.

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Re: Insert Input/Output Splitter Type Choice

I have an idea. snapping outputs to inputs if they match or by clicking another command beign able to connect more than one at same time. like from the one you click to down or up. input splitter could also have more than one input or output like math path. So i am not making macros from single splitters. Also I had some crashes when the input splitter was an index limited with 'that' big number and then, you don't realice that you trigger to a hight number of 'iters', as an sample, and then the computer crashes.'s picture
Re: Insert Input/Output Splitter Type Choice

Yes. Plus One.

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Re: Insert Input/Output Splitter Type Choice

+1. The Splitter Transmutate is a neat idea. Also an option like " Insert splitters to the PUBLISHED inputs" will be nice. I'm saying this because I'm very lazy :D