Karaoke display of lyrics in iTunes

I saw the "Lyrics" app on this page while helping out Chris with something else, and it sparked an idea that it'd be cool. It'd be rad to have karaoke-style lyrics displayed while playing a song in iTunes. The lyrics need to highlight when they are active in the song.

Chris wanted me to add this to the feature list even though I don't even own an Apple. :d

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Advanced SubStation Alpha

http://sourceforge.net/projects/libass could be useful perhaps? given a file and an arbitrary timestamp, it'll produce a 1bpp rendering --- probably wouldn't be too difficult to wrap in a QCPlugIn.

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two problems: 1bpp is ugly (no antialiasing), and QC doesn't handle grayscale images. (3 if you count to QCPlugIn reference ;)

Assuming we can get it to render slightly nicer output (I've not looked much at the lib to see what it can output), it's trivial to write a simple format converter, so that's a simple problem to address.

I like the idea. Anyone else interested in it?