Launch applications from a composition

Is it possible to launch an application from a composition? I (and others) and using QC as a show controller in planetariums using the pbmesh patch. While great for transitioning between content with fades etc, it would be even better if one could also load an application, such as various interactive fulldome night sky apps.

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very straightforward with a custom plugin

I do this quite a lot with a custom plugin I built for a client. Unfortunately the plugin is doing a bunch of other stuff so I can't post it I'm afraid. But the command you want is:

(BOOL) [[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] launchApplication:(NSString *)appName];

Just pass the appName via the input port and hey presto. The world's smallest plugin :P

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I've been somewhat idly kicking around the idea of an nsworkspace patch to perform feats like this, as well as others (opening urls, opening files, listing applications, etc). I'm not sure of the general utility of it (QCShell? :), but I guess this is one useful case...

Thanks for bringing it up :)