Particle Pen Macro/QTZ

I would really like to see an implementation of the Kineme particle tools ala eMotion's particle pen tool, or Processing's Yellowtail (which has a better QTZ, imo).

I can't really figure out any way to get this working given the current functions, but it might be possible already in some way.

I would love to see that with the Kineme Particle abilities... it would be so cool to write a name, draw a shape.... and then reach over to a wind force slider and have particles start blowing away. Or have it spin into a vortex and explode....

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Kinda Possible

Woah, Yellowtail is very cool. That's not really possible with Particle Tools as-is, but definitely something I'll keep in mind as a future possibility.

A lot of the particle effects demonstrated in the eMotion demo video can currently be performed in Kineme Particle Tools (with the major exception being the "Origin Brush").

I've attached a sample composition. Use the left mouse button to draw, and the 'g', 'w', and 'v' keys to toggle Gravity, Wind, and Vortex Force, respectively.

particlepaint.qtz13.9 KB

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Woah how unexpected!!! This

Woah how unexpected!!!

This is AWESOME... I'm about to play with it in a minute. To me, this shows what is so great about the web for the exchange of ideas.

I re-read my post.... to clarify, by "better qtz" I mean, that the Quartz Composer port of Yellowtail, is better than it is in Processing, imo. I hope no one inferred that to be in reference to be a diss on eMotion, or Kineme!

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Wow. This is insanely cool.

Wow. This is insanely cool.

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I posted a version of this

I posted a version of this .qtz that interacts with the optical flow plug-in, as a "thank you" for all of the great help the community here has given... hopefully some of these .qtz's will be of some use...

It is just a starting point for the tweaks of others!!! It could really use some fleshing out, so that more of the forces could be controlled by simple movement and not key combo's/