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I have heard that vade is doing something like an ichat plugin...

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There is an iDVD plug in

There is an iDVD plug in floating around with an image broadcaster and image listener patch...

...just throwing that out there :o)

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  • info?

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Hmmm, I can't even remember

Hmmm, I can't even remember where I found it, and it almost seems like this is a private Apple plug-in? When you use some of the patches, they throw macros with nothing inside of them, but most work.

I may have downloaded it here from some other poster! Check the attachment.

iDVDQCPatches.plugin.zip214.51 KB

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we all probably have it ...

iMovie.app/Contents/Resources/iDVDQCPatches.plugin ... but yeah, it was also posted in the vicinity at one time. But, I can't find that post now, either.

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I think that i can't

I think that i can't absolutely explain myself...


it work on a network?...

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Ooooh, sorry. I have not

Ooooh, sorry. I have not tested that function, I apologize. I had only noted that the plugin had patches that state that they do this in the explanation. I am not sure if they actually work.

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nobady knows something to

nobady knows something to send/receive video through the networks in qc

like a network spooky send/receive?

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not yet

I don't think this kind of patch exists yet -- wouldn't be too hard to make, but there might be a lot of latency.... feature request?

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Yes!!! I think its a

Yes!!! I think its a request... it would be very usefull for a lot o things...