QuartzCrystal doing Audio

Hi, The KinemeAudioPlayer Patch doesn't export Audio in QuartzCrystal.

As already stated before me there is no real Audio Support in Quartz Composer. The MovieLoader doesn't play Audio, but exporting the audio and put it in a seperate KinemeAudioPlayer works fine for the length of my Composition (26 sec.). But there isn't Audio in the Export. There isn't Audio in the DV Firewire Exporter Sample of Apple.

I now try to get it "batch applied" after the rendering is done.

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QuartzCrystal is unlikely to support Audio in the near future -- it's simply not part of the design of Quartz Composer, so there Really Isn't a Way to record it correctly.

It's either played asynchronously (via Movie Loader, Kineme Audio File Player, and the like), which means that controls from the composition will be wrong (seeking with the Kineme Audio File Player patch, for example) because recording isn't real-time, or it's not played at all (Movie Loader in synchronous mode). Neither of those options allows for proper, accurate recording of audio.

We're not planning on hacking in a sloppy audio recorder any time soon, since it wouldn't make sense to have a per-pixel accurate video feed, with terrible, possibly complete wrong audio to go along with it.