SafeWrapper (Wrapping unsafe) e.g. SafeMovieLoader

I developed a few ideas for batch rendered movies.

I would really like to have a SafeMovieLoader, but since loading remote RSS/XML is also restricted in QuicktimePlayer, I would love a SafeWrapper, where I can load unsafe Patches, maybe including some security measures as restricting the SafeWrapper to a single Installation, since I only need it for running my own stack of Movies. Since such a Wrapper would need Installation anyway, it could include information as my Name, and it might only work with Compositions having my name in the Metainfo.

on the other hand, a batch mode (maybe using command line, Apple Compressor or Hot Folders would be the perfect solution in QuartzCrystal.

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Movie Loader is safe already. Making an RSS/XML Downloader work in safe mode wouldn't be difficult at all.

Actually.... I just tested both patches (Movie Loader, and RSS Downloader), and they both work even in safe mode. Perhaps you're using a file URL, which might be restricted? Working around that would be considerably more work.

Or maybe you're using relative paths instead of absolute paths... those don't seem to work very well, depending on what the player does (Quartz Composer does the right thing every time, but most other tools do not).

Command Line support is scheduled for 1.3 (sometime in the next month or two, depending on time and interest), so maybe that'll help you out?