Streaming via connect360

Hey ive been using this connect360, software for sharing iphoto and music, an its able to stream with VLC player, i was thinkin if its possible to stream a qtz to the xbox, for hd screen testing purposes.


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It's maybe possible, but it would require adding stuff to connect360 -- so you'd have to ask them. We can't do it from here without some serious reverse engineering, so it's not likely to come from us.

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It'll depend on how connect360 works.. if it just streams the original file to the xbox, and the xbox decodes it and plays it back, then it won't work and it'd be a pretty big job to do it (the devs would need to write something to render the .qtz and encode the output into a video, then stream that - you'd be better off just using quartz crystal and using a video in the first place).

If on the other hand it streams the actual video output (i.e. it decodes the file on the mac) and it uses quicktime, it might just work if you export the .qtz as a .mov file so quicktime will load it.