String With URL: Refreshing

I have created a composition using the Kineme String With URL patch and I have a question about it however I couldn't find the patch on your website again even when I used the search engine on your home page :S

Anyway, I post my question here:

The QC I created is displaying the text at a certain URL using that Kineme patch, however, that text information on the specified web site changes at certain moments and I want the QC to refresh the view when it happens. I can observe that changing moment via OSC but I can't figure out a way to order a refreshment. Any ideas?


Ali Demirel

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not possible

Right now, I don't think updating is possible -- I'll take this as a feature request for the next version. If you need this working fairly soon, please let me know (, and we'll try to work something out.

[edit: or, you can try toggling the input url -- that should force a reload]

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Thanks for your reply. I'll try to solve this issue with alternative methods in this case, trying some refresh techniques within QC and VDMX. If they do not work out, I'll bug you again ;)