Wanted Green Iterator

Has the same functionnality that the Red Iterator. But You can't put red patches in it (no sprite, bilboard or 3D geometry patch indide) So you can compute iterated maths then dispatch its thru your composition or plug the structure in a Red Iterator.

The green iterator output a structure of the published port X (multiplied) by Iteration (index). It work as a couple with the original "iterator variable" patch.

I know nothing about snow Leopard And QC but it seems already that in safari 4 javascript are runned very fast... And about "Quartz composer snow" and javascript speed...any news ?

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same thing here.

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Re: +1

I think it's a really cool idea, I'm just trying to wrap my head around how that could possibly work in the paradigm of QC, technically? It seems like the render really does have to be in the iterator, as well as that the iterator has to be a consumer, when I conceptualize what exactly the iterator is doing. I would love to be shown that I'm wrong on that, and for it to result in a more effective iterator setup! The numbers have to be "consumed" before they can "exist" TO iterate I believe.

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Re: Wanted Green Iterator

Unfortunately, smokris and I can't discuss the details of QC-SnowLeopard yet.

I did some basic experimentation with green iterators last summer some time -- there was some kind of quirk that prevent it from coming to fruition, but perhaps I could take a closer look when I have more time.