WiimotePatch update (Audio!)

Wiimote Patch Upgrade Wiimote's hack could build many interactive projects. http://johnnylee.net/projects/wii/

I could be really great to update the Wiimote Patch to include all the Wiimote fonctions. Some of those included fonctions could be really creative !

1) The Wii Remote has its own independent speaker on the face of the unit (it works !). It could be great to have a "standard & linkable" input in the WiimotePatch that works like any audio output.

2) There is a new optionnal controller that could be linked to the remote: The Wii MotionPlus... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wii_MotionPlus

This is a really good way to increase the accuracy in precision projects. Could this new controller's feature be include in a future update ?

3) Only for the buzz... http://img2.generation-nt.com/wii-composant-reconnaissance-vocale_090273... An audio input !!! Have you heard about that ? It appear to be build in with the Wiimote...

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Re: WiimotePatch update (Audio!)

0) the wiimote patch requires its own manual bluetooth driver (in user space) -- writing this is extremely time consuming, and needs attention every time apple releases an update.

1) The speaker is very low quality. there's no way to handle audio data in QC, so this wouldn't be particularly useful (you'd need a specialized audio file input, along with a down-sampler to convert to the wiimote audio format).

2) I need a wii motion plus to reverse engineer the reports -- as I don't have one (and have a video game budget of 0), this isn't possible right now.

3) there's an lack of good reverse engineering documentation on the "known" (well-used) features of the wiimote -- the microphone isn't actively used anywhere to date (as far as I'm aware), so there's even less actual information on that feature (if it exists at all -- all the notes point at pre-production technical details).

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Re: WiimotePatch update (Audio!)

1 - as far as I remember, you can upload audio data directly to the wiimote. I may be wrong tho', but i assume that the wiimote can play sound via its SystemOnChip by itself. It should just need a trigger data.

EDIT: glovePie can play sounds thru the wiimote. It is peecee only tho'

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Re: WiimotePatch update (Audio!)

The audio buffer on the remote is very small, so you'd have to stream audio periodically for samples that are over the threshold (I don't know the limit off the top of my head). And the formats it supports are different from most recorded audio (its mono, maybe 8kHz, and uses a weird ADPCM format I believe?), so the audio would need to be converted to that format prior to upload. This isn't particularly difficult, but without details it can be tricky.

Last I checked, the full details on audio output hadn't been fully reverse engineered, but maybe that's been discovered now...

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Re: WiimotePatch update (Audio!)

I know that it could be a kind of "strange" feature request. I was thinking about installation and exhibition stuff, i would be great to upload audio samples to the Wiimote for the visitors/users, like instructions, GUI sounds... Too many other Patch are so useful and interesting and need more attention. Let's say that this thread is a kind of "bad forum routing error". It may be a question, not really a request ! I just curious with this Patch, and i looking for more Mac OSX Wiimote's hacks. Thanx.

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Re: WiimotePatch update (Audio!)


No worries, it's not a "bad" request or anything, just very unlikely at the moment. It'd definitely be useful to do, I simply don't have the time to spend reverse engineering it, buying supplies, and writing bluetooth drivers to handle it all, unfortunately :(

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WiimotePatch update (Options & Structure Output)

I would like to know if you could add the same options as in Darwiiremote ? "IR Sensitivity & Sensor Sensitivity" It seems to be a kind of useful threshold.

As the Wiimote track and send 4 points coordinates, is it possible to have a more "classical" structure output (Raw IR), made of 4 members with their own 3 sub-structured coordinates ? It could be simple to send this structure into an Iterator for exemple. Is there a reason for this 12 unsorted members list ? (Maybe be i'm very late in this topic !)

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Re: WiimotePatch update (Options & Structure Output)

it's based on darwiinremote, but I don't think the IR/sensor sensitivity options are actual framework options (they're done by the sample app) -- I'll have to check though.

The structure output could definitely be changed (back when I wrote this, I had only written one QC Plugin under my belt, so I didn't know what I was doing -- looking back, the single huge structure is really bad/useless :/)

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WiimotePatch and OpenCVPatches: a "Good" Threshold ?

Could you explain me the way to build a simple & efficient "ThresholdMacroPatch" ? It could help me with the WiiremotePatch and with OpenCV Patches too ! Usually, i use to plug 3 Patches to build my own ThresholdPatch. Firt a MathPatch to multiply the incomming value by 10 or 100 or 1000... Then i use a RoundPatch to keep only the Algebraic Integer, and then i use another MathPatch to divide the resuld by the same factor as in the first MatchPatch to get my comma back ! It's a kind of RoundPatch with a comma option ! Is there an other way to Threshold values ? I mean that i'm not satisfied by my trick. My idea doesn't really threshold signals, it only impoverish them ! I have the same problem with OpenCV values, and i use to threshold Video signal (with CI Patches) before analysing it and not simplify my numerical value after. It appear to be a better solution (maybe a more logical way). This Thresholding stuff is a real matter. Do you find a way to Threshold values instead of simplify them. Have you got a .qtz exemple or a solution for that ?

PS: As i'm not so skilful with mathematics, i don't fully understand Integrator and Derivator Patches, is there something to do with those Patch to build a "good" ThresholdPatch ? Maybe a JavaScript ?

Thanx for all.