flatten virtual macro

This would be a kinemecore feature, that would show up in the choices along with "transmutate".

This would "flatten" a selected virtual macro in the same way that the (not too well known?) composition tool does to a whole composition.

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Re: flatten virtual macro

I think the flatten idea would be great, also, exploding a virtual macro like you can a regular macro would be awesome as well.

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Re: flatten virtual macro

I found a kind of cool function with Virtual Patches that is sort of handy (though way shy of instant flatten).

If you have a virtual macro highlighted in your Patch Library/Creator, if you Control+Click, you get a little drop down menu. If you choose Edit, the patch opens up and you can edit it! If you choose Export, a copy of it saves to whichever folder you navigate to.

That Export comes in handy for me in this way:

One exports and does Save As. When you open the comp, it immediately gets recognized as a Virtual Macro and you get a prompt to install. So, you install, and then edit that one, and boom, you have a different version of your Virtual Macro. It immediately updates in the patch list. This lets you make alternate versions of your Virtual Macros in a somewhat reasonable way.

The other related thing... when you go to save a composition, you can hold down option, and you get an option to save a flattened version of the whole composition. Not as cool as some kind of instant flattening/exploding though :)

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Re: flatten virtual macro

Just the option to instantly turn the selected Virtual Patch into a fully-editable macro in the current composition would be very cool, I think. I used to work a lot with clips, which seem now to be deprecated, though my old ones still work, and I liked the way you could immediately edit them, once added to a composition.